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Diamond Search

Advanced AJAX and Sliders based Diamond Search . Pre-Fetching of results before a page is scrolled to , Optimized for Speed , Caching of results and Cross-Browser Compatible. Fetches diamonds from various sources/markets and presents them in an easy to comprehend and easy to use manner. Fully Featured with ability to specify Color, Shape, Carat, Quality and Price range etc. Just select a diamond shape and press the Search button, Sliders are there on the results page. You can then adjust the Sliders(Cut/Color/Price/Clarity... etc ) and see the refined search results. The Search criteria(Sliders) can be chosen according to a users wish, moving the mouse on any result row shows that diamond's details. You can drag the scroll button to any position in the scroll-area, Click on the scroll-area or use the Up/Down buttons to view more results. Its a cross-browser compatible application.

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